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Innovative Plumbing Products that save time and money

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To continuously strive to represent new products, systems and methods

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ProVent Systems – PVC Single Stack Reducing Material, Labor Costs. Schedule Savings

ProSet Sleeve Products – Cost Effective Fire Rated options for almost every installation

Javelin Drain Products – Premium Drain Line Chemical for Urinals, Sinks and Lavatories

Saniflo – Above Floor Macerating and Grinder Pump Solutions

HAP System – Hold and Protect in wall Piping and conduit hangers


Our Territory Reach

The Lagina Agency proudly represents the States of Wisconsin,

Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana


ProVent  Systems – ProSet Fire Rated Assemblies


Javelin brings your drains back to original flow capacity

No Smoke

No Smell

No Heat

No Problem




  Javelin Urinal Treatment dissolves calcium and uric salt build-up in urinal drain lines

Javelin Urinal Treatment restores and maintains drain flow in urinal
  Javelin Urinal Treatment Foul odors are eliminated, the source of the odor is destroyed
  Javelin Urinal Treatment leaves behind a protective coating, prevents build-up of uric salt
  Javelin Urinal Treatment Will not harm Septic Systems


  Javelin Sink Treatment liquefies hair, grease and other organic material that cause drain clogs
  Javelin Sink Treatment restores drain flow in tubs, basins,  disposals, kitchen sinks, mop sinks
  Javelin Sink Treatment does not heat up, emits no odor, and is safe to use in all drains
  Javelin Sink Treatment bores through water, goes directly to the clog and starts dissolving it
  Javelin Sink Treatment is compatible with ABS, PVC, Cast Iron, Ductile and Copper pipe.
  Javelin Sink Treatment will not harm rubber seals, acrylic or porcelain
  Javelin Sink Treatment Will not harm Septic Systems


Saniflo is the leader on its market and a major actor in the plumbing industry, as a result of its above-floor plumbing solution and constant innovation. Saniflo offers a complete range of macerating and grinding pump systems for both residential and commercial applications. The flexibility of Saniflo systems makes any sanitary application you can imagine possible. Whether it’s a small project requiring drain and condensate pumps to more complex engineered jobs, even whole buildings with multiple fixture units, Saniflo has a solution; All you need is water supply and electricity.  Try Saniflo for your next bathroom addition or home project!


Install Saniflo Anywhere

No Concrete Floor Work

Cost Effective Installation

Quiet Pump Systems

  Saving Time and Money


Some of the main benefits include: 

•    Combines two parts into one (pipe holder and protection from drywall screw and nail penetrations)

•    Quick Installation (HAP – 10 seconds vs. other methods 2 minutes)

•    Holds pipe securely and protects it from nail penetrations

•    Prevents pipe banging

•    Rough plumbing installation looks more professional and secure, compared to existing installation methods

•    Simplicity of use and installation (1 screwdriver vs. 5 different tools for existing technology)

•    Meets existing construction codes

•    Powder coating to prevent galvanic corrosion

•    Indoor and outdoor installation

•    Metal parts vs. existing plastic competitive parts

•    Can be reused if pipe location needs to be changed

•    Safe to install, no sharp edges

•    Lead Free

•    Fastens easily and quickly with cordless drill / driver

•    Hold horizontal and vertical pipes


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The Lagina Agency services the  States of  Wisconsin,  Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri with its Superior Plumbing Product Lines.. Bringing over 45  years of design/build plumbing systems experience to the marketplace the agency can assist engineers, contractors and construction managers with an impressive array of floor rated sleeve assemblies, national single stack ProVent systems.

Our manufacturers provide industry professionals the necessary Product Technical Bulletins, You Tube Video’s, Piping Diagrams, Code Approval Letters and UL Rated Test Certifications and Project Specific data.

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