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We can assist engineers, contractors and construction managers with the national ProVent Systems single stack piping, along with an impressive array of ProSet Systems  fire rated sleeve assemblies, internationally approved ProSet Systems T-Rite floor drain and shower drains and the highly acclaimed drain protection product TrapGuard insert.  Whisper Quiet Shell Pipe provides the higher end residential home, apartment or condominium the satisfaction of reduced water noise in the drain system of these facilities.

The Lagina Agency’s ability to come along side Design/Build Construction Managers and Plumbing Contractors with innovative product line options for even the toughest most confined piping spaces.  We like to encourage Plumbing Engineers to blend the new ProVent Systems, ProSet Plastics and ProSet Systems products into their design criteria mix.  Informing Institutional Owners of the new ways to protect their floor and site drains from back-up, odor and rodent protection.
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ProVent Systems Mission

To produce innovative products and systems for plumbing/piping contractors for high quality piping installations that create cost savings on both labor and material as well as novel methods of installations.

ProVent Systems Vision

To continuously strive to produce new products, systems and methods that are both practical and innovative for the piping trades and to use them to promote better safety, health, sanitation and savings  for their customers.

 Attention: Wisconsin Credentialed Master and Journeymen Plumbers

Plumbing Continuing Education Course

Wisconsin Plumbing Training Course # 13740 2 Hour and # 15359 3 Hour

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services Plumbing Continuing Education Course. Serving Commercial Plumbing Inspectors,Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber and UDC Plumbing Inspector credentialed individuals.
ProVent Single Stack Sovent comprehensive system design details,ProSet Fire Rated Sleeve products and options for installation. SpecialtyT-Rite Drain approvals and significant installation advantages will be describedin detail.

***** New – State of Iowa – Window to a New World

of Alternate Pre-Engineered

Plumbing Systems 2 Hour Certified Course


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“Certified Product Installer”

ProVent Systems Piping Training Program

This program insures that all plumbing contractor employees, that will be installing ProVent Systems piping, know and understand the principles of design and the up-to-date installation details. The program includes the local manufacturer’s representative into the training and maintaining correct protocol for the installation of ProVent Systems and their component parts. Onsite anytime that meets the Plumbing Contractor, Owner and Engineers needs.

 ProVent Systems design

Sizing of the sanitary stack

Sizing of the building drain

Sizing of the horizontal drain line

Importance of the drain roll-up

Stack and vent  C-C 20’-0” rule

Branch drain installation options

 Purpose of the relief line

 60⁰ offset rule on sanitary stack

 Drain arm offset limitations

 ProSet Sleeve options with ProVent

 Awareness of ProSet piping specialty items


Innovation In Motion