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Leadership – A Big word with Bigger consequences if you are not up to the challenge in today’s marketplace. Loss of business or even your business without leading.

Definition of LeadershipLeadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task

To be a “Plumber” or  be a “Businessman” managing and leading their companies daily I see is the most difficult obstacle in our industry today bar none. Some owners want to make everyone “Happy” and just do the same old thing not rocking the boat much and then they wonder why business drives by them to companies that know and understand risk that comes from real leadership at the top.

As I meet owners of plumbing companies each week in my travels the question that seems to take them longer to answer than any others is what are you changing or implementing now to make your business more successful in the future? I seem to loose eye contact with many of these owners and they recognize that they have chosen to just bid another project with the same methods and materials instead of investigating what’s new and could save them time and money moving forward.

Yet I am encouraged by the amount of young and more mature owners that get it! These owners are not waiting for their competitors to use the new products and methods first and then they will jump in. From their lead project managers down to the apprentice ranks they ask the question” what do you see new out in the industry via local mfg rep, wholesale house, industry periodical and the list goes on that we should research and try?

No harm no foul to bring manufacturers reps like us in to present new and innovative products that will take just minutes from your “Bid Schedule” day. Check the data against your past experience, pricing in the market or even do an in- house time study product by product side by side.

Trust me when I say that buy in from your field crews is a whole lot easier if they witness the time and money saved doing the side by side comparison. Their eyes are like deer they get it. The old adage of if we use that new product or system it will eliminate my job and others is really still just BS.

So at the end of the day some will say so what and keep on their merry way while others will say wait a minute we need to “Change” and it starts with my Leadership at the top!

One of Knute Rockne’s Ten Commandments in life was about   Leadership: The willingness to help, guide or direct, in the right way, by example, words or actions.

In our world today in the sea of government, business and industry leaders showing little or no real leadership passing the buck at every turn we must break the cycle and be Real Leaders to our families, employees and customers. I am up to the challenge are you?

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