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What’s New

Saving Time and Money

Minutes Saved Matter to the Lagina Agency


 Some of the main benefits include: 

•    Combines two parts into one (pipe holder and protection from drywall screw and nail penetrations)

•    Quick Installation (HAP – 10 seconds vs. other methods 2 minutes)

•    Holds pipe securely and protects it from nail penetrations

•    Prevents pipe banging

•    Rough plumbing installation looks more professional and secure, compared to existing installation methods

•    Simplicity of use and installation (1 screwdriver vs. 5 different tools for existing technology)

•    Meets existing construction codes

•    Powder coating to prevent galvanic corrosion

•    Indoor and outdoor installation

•    Metal parts vs. existing plastic competitive parts

•    Can be reused if pipe location needs to be changed

•    Safe to install, no sharp edges and Hap SystemLead Free

•    Fastens easily and quickly with cordless drill / driver

•    Hold horizontal and vertical pipes





Lagina Agency is pleased to welcome SE Sovent to its stable of business.

SE Sovent the Cast Iron version of the single stack alternate engineered system. Representing SE Sovent in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

American made in Alabama

Check out SE Sovent @



                    City of St. Louis, MO Plumbing Contractors

                    Exciting News..Alternate Engineered Designs are

                now approved in your plumbing code.

             ProVent is your system of choice

        Saving Time and Money!

                Increased Productivity – Labor Management!

            Call us 414-931-1747 to get the details on how to implement

           ProVent into your next Multi-Family or Hotel Project




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