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The Lagina Agency exists for the sole purpose of representing Innovative, Industry Changing Plumbing Products and Pre-Engineered Piping Systems to the Engineering and Contractors of the Plumbing marketplace.

We just are not looking to bring another me-to products to the customer that the plumbing wholesalers shelves already have plenty to sell, We bring time saving, profitable products that make a difference in the pocketbook. Minutes saved turn into hours saved on the contractor side along with paradigm changes for the progressive engineer tired of designing the same old plumbing project with nothing new.

Challenge us to prove to you the customer that what we represent brings value and new products to the table and will give you plenty of reasons to buy. Plain and Simple it’s your money spend it wisely.

ProVent Systems – The best Pre-Engineered Single Stack Drain System for Multi-Story Residential and Hospitality projects.

ProSet Products –   The most comprehensive line of Fire Rated Sleeves, Drains and Rated Assemblies in the industry

Froet Industries – Primary/Secondary Roof Drain Combination -25 Year Warranty- Cost Effective Downspout Nozzles

Javelin Drain Products – Urinal and Sink Drain Chemicals – No Smoke, No Smell, No Heat, AMAZING!

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